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Skynet Skynet Autobanning Failed Login Attempts?

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Hi, tried to post in a general skynet thread but was older than 6 months - might be a silly question, but noticed skynet was having issues updating due to older curl binary on router. managed to delete it and get it working by changing script path (thanks to the thread on here) - but while actually taking a deeper look at skynet and syslog, i noticed theres a regular list of ip's hitting my routers vpn server with failed login attempts... and no action seems to be happening against them. would have thought skynet would be autobanning these after x attempts?

i've manually got an iplist of all hits in the logs and added this as a banlist, but is there a way i can get skynet to do this automatically? pretty much on any login attempt for anything on the router i want immediate perm /banhammer.

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