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Smoothwall vs D-Link WBR-2310, Dlink slower?

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I just switched from an old PC running Smoothwall Express 3 to a D-Link WBR-2310 and without any "real" testing, the D-Link seems slower. When remoting home and taking control of one of my workstations, screens seemed to update more quickly with Smoothwall. Under both instances, the machine connected to is wired.

I switched to the D-Link because I figured my UPS would keep it up longer than it would the old PC in the event of a power loss. When I searched for router performance, I stumbled across the Router Charts which indicated that the WBR-3210 was no performance demon. For the record, it is running the latest firmware.

I do need wireless for my wife's laptop, and I game (FPS's) from time to time. I'm looking for feedback on WBR-2310 experiences relating to performance and suggestions for a replacement router.
What is your Internet connection speed? The WBR-2310 measured in the mid to high 30 Mbps.
Nowhere near that. :) I've got 3Mbit DSL.

I've also been having problems w/my wife's laptop staying connected. If you walk away from it for more than 10 minutes or so, you have to do a "repair" on it for XP to do certain things. From time to time you can surf, but LAN machine names don't work until the repair is done. It's a fairly recent clean install of XP, and I've disabled shutting the NIC down for power saving.

Based on user reviews, I pulled the trigger on a D-Link 4300 from Newegg. I was looking at the 4500 also, but there were too many people complaining about losing connections during normal usage. The 4300 had a ton of good reviews, so I figured I'd be safe w/it.

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