SOHO Network setup using XT8/XD4/RT-AX56U


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Hi All.

I looked at the Asus forums and they just don't seem to have the required skills as here.

So I have taken the plunge to upgrade my SOHO and home setup to wifi6. Having spent 2-3 weeks looking at combinations and cost, I decided on an Asus based AIMesh setup.

I have full coverage ethernet cat7, so will want to take full advanage of wired backhaul. The house is also old with thick walls, so wifi coverage is poor in places, hence an upgrade.

I have Virgin Media Business and their Hitron Hub, currently in router mode as modem only will require an engineer visit.

I have TP Link Smart Switches scattered around, so again, able to take advantage of the wired backhaul. I have a QNAP doing DHCP and routing, so ideally would want to use instead of Asus for routing.

The XT8 will be in the lounge so it will give the best coverage as all clients usually end up in that room. I have an XD4 upstairs to cover 2 rooms and the other in the outside office. I a;sp have an RT-AX56U in a bedroom at the front of the house that will also serve Ring doorbell and CCTV.

What I need to understand, is the best way to set up the mesh system. Will the XT8 need to be in router mode or can it just be an AP with QNAP doing DHCP and routing on the network. The alternative is to keep the Hitron as router.

Also, can this setup be extended/bettered.



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If you are going to use a managed switch forget about aimesh. It doesn't work, I bought a qnap switch and it didn't work

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