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spdMerlin Spdmerlin WebGUI kooky garbage and mismatched settings?

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Not sure if this is related to a recent upgrade to 388.2 but just went to peruse spdmerlin stats and I am getting crazy garbage corruption on the GUI page.
In addition the GUI settings shown (amongst the garbage) do not match what is found / proper in the shell control, but look to be stuck at the defaults.

Have tried 'force upgrade' and 'reset database' but WebGUI is unchanged.

Evidence below:

Re: 'Garbage'.... See screenshot - I've done some silly obfuscation but this is some kind of LAN traffic log entry... the IP address is a device on the network and the reports.xxxx.com is a destination.
This garbage repeats itself all up and down the user5.asp page.


Here are examples of settings that are visible not matching what is in the shell...



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