Specific Docker container over TOR or VPN?

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Ted Danson

Regular Contributor

Hopefully this is the right section to post this. I am currently looking to run a Searx container (they have an official container on the Docker registry so I'm going with that one) for my own use. I'd like to run just that container alone over TOR or VPN for an extra layer of privacy and security. I realise I can create a VPN connection in the Synology network settings themselves, however I don't want to put the entire NAS over a VPN tunnel, just the Searx container.

Is it possible to do this? Perhaps in the advanced settings of the container? Or on my ASUS RT-AC5300 could I do something to get the local port configured on the docker container to run out over TOR or one of my VPN clients? I use both on my router.

Thanks a lot for any advice you can give me on this.

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