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Speed Question: NAS via Gigabit Ethernet or Same NAS via FireWire 800?

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So, I guess technically the latter wouldn't be a NAS... but... if I had a NAS unit that was capable of FireWire 800, would I get better performance hooking it up via Gigabit Ethernet or attaching it to a computer via FireWire 800 and accessing it over the network?

I know there are a lot of variables in the equation, so let's just say that the computer isn't being used for anything else and has plenty of processor speed and RAM.

Let me get this straight. Your 2 scenario's are something like this?

NAS > Gigabit Ethernet > Gigabit Switch > Gigabit Ethernet > Client PC w/ Gigabit NIC

NAS > Firewire 800 > Server PC via Firewire port > Gigabit Ethernet > Gigabit Switch > Gigabit Ethernet > Client PC w/ Gigabit NIC

Well In your origianl description, you asked would Gigabit Ethernet be faster then Firewire 800, but then you stated that you would be accessing the the NAS connected via Firewire 800 over the network.... essentially constraining you to Gigabit speeds.

Just connect up directly to the network with Gigabit Ethernet.

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