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I was curious to have a quick look to see what the latest Merlin beta firmware had to offer, so I just swapped over from the official firmware, without the usual resetting everything procedure. Previously when I've tried that, it's largely swapped over without too much problem, but this evening something happened which I've not seen before - most of my network client icons had vanished and when I checked on what was available to replace the missing icons, there were only a few available there as well (the rest being blank like those in my static IP list). Here's a little example of what I saw (note that even the one that has appeared in this small snapshot is displaying the wrong icon, but that might have been my error):

Network Clints Example.jpg

Also, I reformatted my USB flash drive in the router to NTFS and then reformatted it as ext4 using Xshell 7 (or at least, that's what I thought i had done). However, I was surprised that the disc-checker utility was still working, so perhaps reformatting in the router to NTFS doesn't wipe everything. A bit of a mystery.

I'm back on the official firmware now anyway, so everything's back to normal. Oddly enough, even before restoring my saved configuration back to the official firmware, all my icons reappeared, so they must have been hiding somewhere when running Merlin. Very strange.
I would still be prepared to wipe the router NVRAM if the router starts acting strangely!
Agree with @Crimliar, your router is not in a good/known state. (Or, it might just be a browser caching issue?).
I've seen odd issues when jumping from stock to asus-wrt Merlin or vice versa without a proper full reset. This was probably the case this time.

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