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LAN/WAN port status info

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A while back RMerlin had done away with the text-based ethernet port status info (in, I think it was, Tools/Sysinfo tab) since Asus had changed the scheme in the Network Map / System Status area, where, if one happens to stumble across the icon mouseover, within which the information is displayed. Okay, I guess, if discovered by happenstance, and there's willingness to move, and pause, the pointer over any and every thing in a web page which isn't obviously a link or input/selection area... ("mystery meat"?)

My question is: How the hell does one "mouseover" the icons when logged into the router web interface on an Android phone? I have not been able to "stumble upon" the information which used to be plainly available as plain text, and cannot for the life of me "mouseover" anything on my phone's web browser.

Please, anybody, enlighten me.

Or please, @RMerlin , restore the textual information.

I don't /usually/ navigate the web interface from my phone, but it does occasionally happen.
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The text information is more informative indeed. I personally don't like the ports display in 388 firmware.

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