Supermicro MB mini-ATX : 4u server case

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Looking for suggestion on how I could use my Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F-O (micro-ATX) in a 4u server case. I'm looking to move away from a small HTPC case to something with 24 SATA Bays... I've been eyeing some super micro cases on Ebay, and in checking that it was compatible, states that most are eATX or just ATX cases... Assuming my Micro-ATX motherboard will not fit.

So are there expanders from Micro-ATX holes to ATX? what are my options?

Eventually moving Proxmox server from a small case and doing HBA passthrough to have freenas as a new option in place of a Drobo 5D.



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MicroATX boards generally will work just fine in ATX - the mounting points generally line up.

The rackmount cases do tend to be on the "deep" side, so watch the dimensions there... and then there are power supplies that might be more specific to data center gear - so a regular ATX power supply might not fix.

For home/small office - I'd suggest a tower rather than rackmount, or one that is convertible between standalone tower and rack...

Supermicro is likely a premium price for home usage - take a look at some of the Chenbro cases over on NewEGG - much more reasonably priced.

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Warning Will Robinson!

Chenbro cases have questionable quality and limited upgrade options. Try to find replacement parts. Their focus is Europe and Asia. Save your sanity, buy Supermicro.
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