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Synology 409+ Poor support, Not ready for market.

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If you are looking for support, dont go synology, its terrible.
Its been two weeks now and a simple flash/xml website is still non functional (works on 2 other servers fine, apache and my ISP host server.)
Nor have they assisted with mailstation issues.

Mailstation is a joke. Cannot ping ports 110 or 25, mail setup options are sparse. DNS is pointing at the static IP of the server, homepage loads, but website is not fully functional.

I have two static IPs, one for my NAS and one for my router (office cpus), they are downstream DSL and Gigabit Switch.

Ftp transfers (LAN) were sub 5Mbs.....on gigabit switch/router and wiring. Thats pathetic.

Iam sitting here with a paperweight.....website inoperable and no email....
Looking for a simple solution for my small business, what I got is a total nightmare......

Synology Forums and FAQs are uninformative(no populated with pertanent troubleshooting) and the setup pdfs are a joke.

currently researching readyNAS or Qnap......any suggestions?
(webserver, mail server, survielance required)

Lost in translation? I think there is way more to it than that.

(hung out to dry by Synology)
Ok, dman. I think we get the point that you are unhappy with your Synology purchase.
Further posts on this particular topic will be deleted.
someone does work there!

Day 10.

will post progress of my experience.....and issues resolved.

Solved by user:
website porting issues was due to synology platform being "case" sensitive....directory links needed to be remapped.........not documented for users, but extremely important to those that are considering porting existing webpages (flash/xml) over from Apache.

pending support resolution....10 days without corporate email thus far.,,
support guy is off on a business trip without coverage. doesnt look like we will be getting an answer anytime soon.

Has anyone had good experience with Qnap or readyNAS, it might be quicker to source a different NAS company.....thoughts, advice?
I would strongly suggest you to look at QNAP, there are many extra application packages available for it, amongst others XDove; a full-fledged mailserver. I have great experience with the QNAP TS-509 Pro, so you may want to look at that model as well, it's still one of the fastest 5 drive bay NAS devices on the market and it is extremely future proof because both the memory AND the processor can be upgraded! Besides that, QNAP is a not as expensive as Netgear and is IMO certainly a lot better and faster than Synology.
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