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I have 384.18 currently but this was on the last build as well. My system log shows these entries multiple times and several times a day:

"dnsmasq[437]: failed to send packet: Operation not permitted"

And this usually shows up before it:

"dnsmasq[437]: possible DNS-rebind attack detected:"

My log is completely full of the failed to send packet though.

Any ideas?


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My log is filled up with the "failed to send packet: Operation not permitted" message too. It's annoying but I have yet to see any problem.


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This is nothing more than DNSMasq protecting you from rebind attacks.

If you lookup the IP of the domain name, you'll see it returns, which falls into the category of a *private* (rather than public) network, something typically found in a rebind attack. DNSmasq is refusing to return that IP to the client to protect it. IOW, it's working as intended.
$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

Why some ppl get more of these than others is probably just a matter of the websites you happen to frequent, and whether they are more likely to be of malicious intent.


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Interesting, I never put those two lines together. My kids have on their school iPads so I get the rebind error and ignore it.

The other one seemed to go away when I toggle AiProtect.

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