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Tenda Adds AC1900 Router

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From a board perspective, it's not that much different than an RT-68U series device from Asus - the one thing I find missing is a discrete flash part (this is easy to discern on the 86U as RAM is on one side, the flash part is on the other) - on the Tenda, one can see the pads, but it's not populated.

Cool layout - the only thing I see holding it back would be the small flash size (16MB), and no uSDIO (which can help with small flash), but otherwise, the gubbins are pretty good.

So the key thing here is the SW quality/stability - the HW is basically there...
Review is in progress. If you get one, make sure to update to latest firmware. Original firmware had no DMZ.
Have one not the greatest but bought for $69 at Microcenter on sale. Very disappointed that the wireless lan has a burned in network of 192.168.x.x that cannot be changed to match my existing network. Would very much like to see someone develop custom software for the Tenda AC 15. Have had no success trying to reach Tech support via phone or email.

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