Tenda MW6 Nova setup help

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HI all. Hoping someone will be able to clarify/help.
I will be taking delivery of a Tenda Nova MW6 (3pack) soon, but I wanted to get some advice before I start setting them up.
Having read through this thread and others, it seems the best option is to put the units in bridge mode and let the existing ISP supplied modem/router combo continue to handle DHCP etc.

My topology and setup is to use wired back haul for 2 nodes, with the third node wireless. Obviously the 1st aka primary node will be connected via ethernet to one of the existing modem/routers LAN ports via the WAN or globe port on the primary nova node. My question is: can I connect nova node 2 in the same way - to the router directly - or does it need to be daisy chained (via the Lan port <···> ) off the primary node?
The 3rd node hopefully will just connect via wireless back haul.

in other words: Should the wired nodes be wired in series or parallel from the existing modem/router?

Last question, as there seems to be some contradiction in what I have read. If I have to wire in series because that is the only supported configuration: Do all the wired nodes need to be connected to each other via the LAN <···> port? Or should node 2 be connected to primary node via node 2's WAN/Globe port?

thanks in advance! :D
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With no replies except yours since May 12, I don't see an answer coming soon. Hopefully, someone will see this and provide something.
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