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Hi guys,

I am trying to use my spare phone as a 4G modem, but not succeeded.

Basically, all I did is to set the router's WAN connection to USB phone, and turn USB tethering on in my android phone.

Sometimes the connection worked for less than minutes after a reset, sometimes did not work at all.

The router is a ASUS RT-N18U, with latest official firmware.
The phone is an old Huawei 7i, also tried with Huawei Honor 8X, same results.
both phone tethering works well when directly plugged into PC with USB.

Router log shows something, when I turn on USB tethering on phone setting.

Did anyone succeed with USB tethering? Any help would be much appreciated :)

(Sorry for crossborad posting, didn't get any answer in ASUS N router board ... )

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