The rmerlin donation thread.


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I think rmerlin deserves some financial thanks, so I sent him a couple bucks.

Post below when you support rmerlin with a donation! Thank you, rmerlin for all the hard work you do.

To donate-

1) go to the Asuswrt-Merlin official website ( from RMerlin's post-
2) scroll down to the paypal donation button on the bottom left
3) donate!
4) feel good you gave the guy that makes your router awesome some cash
5) post here if you wish to share the joy
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I was using RMerlins firmware for sometime before joining the site. Once I decided to join I donated early also in my thread count. Not difficult to find RMerlins site. Thanks for doing what you do!:)


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I actually want to thank you for reminding me that RMerlin accepted donations - didn't have any money spare when I first came across this forum and RMerlins firmware - but can afford to throw a few bucks his way now.
RMerlin, if you're reading this - thanks for all your work, it's greatly appreciated! :)
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Done (again). Not that easy to find donation link. Understand the fake link paranoia. But here is the link to Merlins own post (on this forum):
Go to his "Official website", look at left navigation column for "Donations".

Would like to encourage people to not look at these donations as future pressure/requirement on Merlin to work more on his 'hobby'. From me, this is a donation for his work up until now. If he gets fed up and quits tomorrow, no hard feelings. The firmware, as it stands now, could last several years for me :cool: Unless serious security issues that is ;)


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I'm with you gonzo. I will try to donate whenever I update. The guy really deserves it.


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Also took the opportunity to say thanks garnished with $10. Rmerlin fw is the main reason I choose ASUS routers over all others and never looked back .


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Done (again). Not that easy to find donation link.
If you appreciate Merlin's work (and most of us here should and do) then you'll find the link...


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Thanks for all you do Merlin

Your firmware has been a life saver for what I'm trying to do with clients networks. I just went to the donate page and did my bit. :)

Thanks for all you do.


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i've asked my fair share of stupid questions...for the aggravation, donating a little is the least i can do. i get paid in a couple of days, and i will send some $. it's definitely worth your hard work, time and effort dealing with all of us airheads on the regular! :)

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