The rmerlin donation thread.

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I recently updated and will try to break out some dollars just about each time I do. Donation on the way!


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Thanks for all the work. Have a beer on me.


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$20 donation on way. Appreciate all the hard work and effort that you dedicate to keep improving the firmware for this excellent router!


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This is funny. I just looked everywhere for his website and a way to send him a donation for all of his hard work, and after finding it and sending him a "thank you" donation, for the 2nd time, I saw this thread. I think Merlin, as well as anyone else who decides to spend their time writing, perfecting, helping, etc something that benefits all others when they really have no underlying responsibility to do so, should all be compensated by us. Whether it's $5 or $500, it's all relative to the person sending it. It all adds up and shows him that we don't take things for granted and we really do appreciate all of the hard work he does. He could easily say F____ You, I'm going to have some beers and hang out with some hookers, but no, he does something on his own free will that's beneficial to everyone, and I think everyone should always show their gratitude, if it's networking issues that were fixed, or made better, or someone giving advice on building a custom water cooled system where one person may not know anything about it initially, everyone who lends a helping hand on their own free will, should be greatly appreciated. I wish everyone would do this more frequently and not take anything for granted.


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I just donated $5... I know it's not much $, but it's a start, and I plan on donating regularly, rather than one larger chunk.

Merlin, thanks for all of your hard work. You have made my AC68U, which i used to pull my hair out over, the best router I've ever owned!


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Bitcoin address?

Ps this whole time I thought it was lol stream, not lost realm haha
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I just sent you something, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!


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Just left you a donation, Merlin. Thanks for the great firmware!

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