The rmerlin donation thread.

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Donated. Small price to pay for the little added features and RIDICULOUS amounts of support and participation (from Merlin) on these forums.

This community and Merlin are the reason I'll stick with Asus over those sexy new Netgear routers . .


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Donated. Small price to pay for the little added features and RIDICULOUS amounts of support and participation (from Merlin) on these forums.

This community and Merlin are the reason I'll stick with Asus over those sexy new Netgear routers . .
Same, tossed him $50. I'm amazed at what his fw allows me to do =)

Oh if only the arm version of Plex supported transcoding.....

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Just donated $20. A small token of appreciation. Been using this FW since version .32 or .33, shortly after I purchased my AC68U. So it's long overdue. :D Enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you Merlin!


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Donated $15 today

Donated some today, and I'll try to support this by donation periodically. I really like the conservative approach in this firmware that keeps things working.


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Just made a $25 donation. Thanks for all you do rmerlin! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Just donated $12.

I too like the approach of focusing on the things that matter most (fixing bugs, more stable, exposing more powerful features, etc) rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with new GUI's bloated software etc.

The firmware is so good it's almost like a wizard made it with magic.............


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Newbie here, with an ASUS AC87. Just donated $25. Thanks!

Have to admit it's a bit painful coming from OpenWRT. I miss the flexibility. I miss having an up-to-date repository of pre-compiled packages, and packages that add Luci pages to the UI. (I guess the approach with AsusWrt is if some package needs/wants a UI it runs a separate server on a separate port?)

But I've waited long enough for OpenWrt to work on newer routers. And even when/if it does, it looks like it will be using open-source drivers, which are not going to provide good hardware performance. I think you can only be so strict about keeping a project all open-source - in this case, it is impractical, and I support the way Merlin has gone about it in this regard!

I realize part of the problem (packages) is that ARM is pretty new for routers.

But I'd like to urge Merlin to at least consider adding any hooks needed (or documenting whatever might be there) to write packages that add to the UI, and wish somebody would take-up the task of maintaining a modern repository for ARM.

I realize that some cash might help with that, so here's some cash. ;)


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Thanks for the firmware and for holding course on its stated purpose.

Reliability is really important when it comes to routers and this fits the bill perfectly so I gave a small donation.


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Thank You , you are a true wizard ;)

I fully agree! Hard coding and testing work costs a lot of effort and time.
So after a delightfull firmware upgrade from the very poor factory stuff to a fullblown WRTMerlin update, the router became it's options i used to have on a Draytek Vigor 2130n.. the one I will give a new place in my WiFi setup.

So a lot of season greetings to all ASUS RT users and better-makers!!

...tomorrow finally going to the movies for the last Hobbitses :D


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I've been using Merlin's builds on and off for a while.

The last one I installed has been running like a champ.

I was about to trade up from my N66 to an AC68 but it looks like I can put that off for a while longer.

Happy Holidays, Merlin! Keep up the good work.


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My new RT-AC87U likes Merlins firmware, so a few dollars was sent along.

Thank's! :)


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Thanks Merlin for the awesome firmware.
Had send a small token of appreciation for your hard work.

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Newbie user here - just sent a donation. Love to support a fellow Canadian!

The software is great, and this forum is clearly a fantastic source of assistance. Thanks RMerlin - this probably started out as "fun" for you.....:rolleyes:


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Done deal...

Post below when you support rmerlin with a donation!
4) donate!

I too have been using Merlin's builds soon after adopting ASUS-branded solutions +19 months ago. Each release keeps getting better and more full-featured. Tossing some coin-age his way is another way to let it be known that his efforts developing the firmware and responding to support & feature requests are greatly appreciated by this end-user.


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