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Three options: which WiFi NIC should i buy for this buffalo router?

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Hi All,

I am thinking of getting a buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH because I have WiFi range problems in my house.

My current NIC options seem to be:

USB 2.0: WLI-UC-G300HP


USB 2.0: DWA-160 or

The buffalo WLI-UC-G300HP seems to be a good choice due to it's high power feature, should I even consider the netgear NICs?

I just ordered this Buffalo router, and I had the same question:

I have an HP HDX18 notebook with an Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN integrated card.

I was wondering if it's the case to use the integrated card or buy a specific model for this router.

I see that tests are made with the Intel 5300 card, is there a big difference with the 5100?

Thanks for the help.
The Intel 5100 is 1T2R, while the 5300 is 3T3R. Since the 5100 is single-stream you'll only get a maximum connect rate of 150 Mbps, vs. 300 Mbps for the 5300.

Still, the 5100 will provide improved speed over any 11g card.
Thanks for the info Tim.

Do you know if it's possible to upgrade it to the 5300 or is it "embedded" in the chipset/motherboard?

If I should get a usb wireless card, which one would you suggest? IIRC, the buffalo uses an Atheros chipset, should I get an Atheros "N" USB key or others are the same?
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Reading here: http://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/products/wireless/adapters/5000/

I learned that they're provided in PCIe MiniCard form factor, so I should be able to replace the 5100 with the 5300.

The only doubt I have is that like you said, the 5300 supports 3T3R, so the notebook should provide 3 diversity antennas; since my notebook was designed with the 5100, probably it only has 2 antennas, so even if I replace it probably it won't work as expected.

What do you think?
The third antenna is currently used for receive only. The 5300 that I use as a standard WLAN test client has only two antennas (1 and 2) connected because the notebook doesn't have three antennas.
What would you suggest me to buy as USB wireless client for this Buffalo router?

I have no specific recommendations. In my testing a NETGEAR WNDA3100 worked better than an original rev D-Link DWA-160.
Thanks again Tim, your support is greatly appreciated. :)

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