TL-PA9020P KIT | Has anyone been able to enhance the performance on this unit??

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Hi Everyone,

I recently began using these units. For some reason, even though it's November 2020, the latest firmware on the TP-Link website for "Hardware Version 3" of this unit is dated for 06/2018.

There are QoS settings available for this unit with no explanation whatsoever in the documentation.

Has anyone been able to tweak or modify this unit to enhance its performance? Either a certain combination of settings or open-source firmware?

I've been looking, but haven't found anything out there as far as custom firmware for this device.



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Basically plug them in, and they just work...

Don't believe the advertised numbers - AV1200 is good for about 150 Mbps on HPAV2 on the same circuit...



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Thanks @sfx2000!

Definitely know what you mean regarding advertised speeds vs reality.

For these AV2000s, I'm not getting more than 125mbit internet downstream with a 1GB Fiber link.

Powerline speeds fluctuate between 380-480 sadly.

I read in one of your previous posts the tip regarding connecting directly to the AV2000 in order to properly set and enable the QoS settings.

I have all of mine set to Audio/Video.

Are you aware of any custom patches or custom firmware for these powerline adapters?


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