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Installed uiDivStats recently and have had high cpu usage since. Changing the query and cache method had negligible effect. Uninstalling returned low cpu usage. Earlier posts on the original thread seem to suggest USB drive is the limiting factor. I'm currently running mine at 2.0 speed.

Has anyone resolved the issue by changing to 3.0?

I'll certainly try this after reinstalling, but curious if there are any success stories with this simple change.


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Changed USB mode from 2.0 to 3.0 and it had no discernible effect on cpu usage with uDivStats installed.


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I don't recall the details, but this came up several months ago:IIRC, the solution was a better/faster USB flash drive (some of us are using repurposed SSDs in external adapters to solve that once and done). Might be worth trying, and/or moving the storage location for the stats onto either the USB drive or jffs, as needed in your case.


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Haha, what are the odds? About 2 weeks ago I delved into the 'add-on' arena with Diversion, YazFi & uiDivStats. The system status CPU was showing a resting state of between 20%-30% even after a few hours.
I uninstalled & reinstalled uiDivStats with no change so decided to uninstall it.

About 30min before reading your post, I reinstalled it again to help hunt down a domain to whitelist. Lo and behold, CPU usage is normal and not idling high like before.

No other scripts have been added or changes made to router - just 2ish weeks running without uiDivStats. (queue X-Files music)

For me, it seems time helped heal :)


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I've noticed a similar behavior, I think because of uiDivStats. When I first installed, the system was working fine, but after a couple of months, it started getting dodgy, dropped packets, and frequently having to reboot the router. When I would check in the UI, at least one of the router's cores would be pinned at 100% usage. However, when I checked in top there would be nothing showing up above about 2% usage.
I just uninstalled uiDivStats and my CPU plot is hanging under 10%.


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Just had this, the CPU was running crazy with IO, uninstalled uiDivStats and removed /opt/share/uiDivStats.d which had files as large as 240 MB, reinstalled uiDivstats and now it's working fine.

Edit: corrected the folder name to /opt/share/uiDivStats.d
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