Unifi DNS setup with backup

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Hi all,

A number of people on the forum were very helpful in providing equipment recommendations for my home setup.
In the end I went with a full unifi setup + a RaspberryPi 4 which is hosting HomeAssistant, AdGuard as well as the Unifi Controller.

The setup works very well and AdGuard via the RPi is achieved by setting the RPi IP address as the DNS address within the unifi WAN configuration.

The only small issue I have is that when the RPi crashes and requires a reboot (maybe once every few weeks) if cause all internet access to fail as the DNS cannot be reached.

Is there a way, within the Unifi config, to bypass the RPi as DNS if the connection is not available? I know there is an option to set a "DNS 2" but not sure what IP you would put in here (maybe the IP of the router?) and how it would know when to fall back.

Any help much appreciated.

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