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Untangle with Re-Router Technology for Windows XP has me tangled

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Hi everyone has anyone experienced problems with Untangle in there network? This program has me tangled, confused, and doubting. I had a chance to try Untangle 5.4.1 with Re-Router technology for Windows XP and I have had nothing but trouble after having a successful installation and trying to configure it self on startup after a installation reboot but it freezes my server and was wondering is anyone else having issue or have you had a chance to install this on some machines to test? I have this installed on a Dell Power Edge SC1425 with Dual Xeons, 1GB Ram, and 80GB HDD. Tim have you tried it and if so have you had any issues? Please check out the forums on Untangle below regarding some of these issues:


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I just got my "Silver Bullet" drive in today. Had about an hour at the office to try it on one our workstations.
XP Pro sp3, joined to active directory, logged in with a domain user with local admin privs.
Dell Optiplex..oh, gx280 I think, small form factor, if I recall a P4ht 2.8, 1 gig of RAM, with an integrated Broadcom Xtreme 57xx gig NIC.

Stuck in the Silver Bullet USB drive, auto play menu launched, clicked on the icon to install Untangle. About 10-ish minutes of install process..watched Untangle and VMWare install, prompted for a reboot with the choices if show Untangle service icon in the systray, and auto start the Untangle service upon reboot. Which I left both on default for yes. It tells you it may take up to 30 minutes to finish installed Untangle when you reboot.

Rebooted...seemed to take about 20 minutes to finish installing.

Installation asks a quick question about your network..showing network settings, if the gateway is correct, etc.

Once up and running, right click the systray icon for Untangle, log in just like normal...the standard Java based console, and web based Alpaca network config. Could also bring up the VMWare virtual adapter manager, and see the two virtual adapters the package installed, #1 and #8,...one at a 192.168.44.xxx address, the other at a 192.168.242.xxx address, our internal network was 10.50.1.xxx.

We took at laptop which had been connected wirelessly, and tried to surf playboy and hustler sites. Quickly stopped by the default settings of Untangles web content filter.

Didn't do anything fancy during the install, followed the default prompts. It puts an icon on the desktop, I've read over on their forums that some of the users may forget that it's an auto starting service, and try to launch it again by double clicking the desktop icon.

Resource wise, on the 2.8 w/1 gig of RAM rig, during the Untangle service starting after booting up the rig...the PC will be a little unresponsive for a while til it's up and running. Untangle itself was taking about 415 megs of RAM, and CPU dancing around 7-10% without anything else going on.

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