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USB Drive: Create folder issue

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RT-AC1900P, and brand new windows 10 Home edition. I've turned on Samaba, SMBv1 and SMBv2, as well as guest login but I can't create new folders on the external USB drive. I've tried the drive in both USB ports, and can read files on the drive without a problem. When I try to create a new folder, or copy files to the drive, I get the "Error 0X80070032: The request is not supported" error. Nothing on my home network changed other than my PC. I'm running 384.19 and have even tried re-flashing back to non Merlin firmware. In "OptionalFeatures" SMB 1.0/CIFS client is checked. Any help?
Can you create a folder, within a folder (i.e. not on the root)?
Have you granted the account Read/Write privilege in the router's "Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk" section?

What is the format of the USB drive? NTFS or other?

One may need to follow this guide to setting up a USB hard drive to properly work with the Asus Merlin firmware. Skip the section on installing amtm and the step to create the swap file if you don't want to use one. One formats the drive initially on Windows for NTFS, then reformats the drive within the Asus Merlin command line terminal (using amtm) for EXT2 or EXT3 or what ever version of EXT the router supports.
Thanks Bennor. Not sure what exactly I did, but it's working. My drive was working and didn't want to format the entire thing. I started following some of your instructions provided, changed the USB port to 2.0 from 3.0, removed the external drive and tested with a thumb drive (worked fine). Connected the HD to my PC and scanned it, then properly ejected it and re-connected it to the router. As per the instructions, takes about 10 minutes to actually register it's there, but I can write to the folders now.

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