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Using QOS to limit other devices on the network?

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So I just got my Asus router today to replace the 2 in 1 router/modem that I got from Spectrum (Ubee model), the RT-AC68U, and it has a feature on it that I've been wanting for a while, QoS. When I logged into the router, I saw there were three different types of QoS. An adaptive one, a traditional one, and a bandwidth limiter. I read Asus's documentation on each one (or as much as I could, some of the links were broken) and I'm still not understanding all of them.

The main thing I want is that while I'm working on homework, uploading, downloading, and just doing things I need for school, my roommate who downloads massive games every week, or even just while he's playing League, it drastically slows my internet down, sometimes glitching out my cloud based software and making me start over. I just want it to be able to prioritize my device when I'm working on homework. Which one of the three is the best for that? And if possible, maybe an easier explanation of them? I understand computers very well, but not a lot of networking stuff.

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