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VLAN Problem

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New Around Here
I have a TP-link T2600-18 managed switch. On port 1 there is a TP-link AC1200 wifi router. DHCP is on, but WiFi is turned off because I have a TP-Link EAP225 access point on port 2.
So, I setup a simple VLAN to separate two PCs, but provide both with internet access.

VLAN1 (default) - all ports untagged
VLAN20 - ports 1, 3 (both untagged)
VLAN30 - ports 1, 4 (both untagged).
port 1 - PVID 1
port 3 - PVID 20
port 4 - PVID 30
The problem is I cannot access the switch through either PC connect to ports 3 or 4.
I have to plug into an open port with a laptop. What am I doing wrong?
I don't have that exact switch but I have the TL-SG2216. In my config, Under System Info, System IP, it ask for the management VLAN. On my switch you can choose only one VLAN. If your not on the same VLAN as the switch, you won't be able to manage it. In the case of TP-Link that also means the same PVID as the Management VLAN.

Added: This explanation assumes your type setup. If you have an advanced router that routes between subnets then you would be able to access it from any VLAN if you set it up that way.
This is why I use a network on every VLAN. No worry because any old layer 3 device can route networks. I use Cisco small business gear so it is not a problem on setup.

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