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VLAN traffic coming in on the wrong interface

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I know vlan tagging is not really officially supported, but figured I'd ask here if anyone has had the same issue as me...

I have a 2 NIC pfsense box, with the lan interface having 2 extra vlans, 4 ( and 5. I have an Asus RT-ac3100 in AP mode with asuswrt-merlin running on it and am using this start up script to make the wan port a trunk from my pfsense box, and put the guest SSID's on my vlan 4 & 5.

So all that is working per say. When I connect my devices to the guest vlan (4) SSID,the internet is extremely intermittent, and when I go and look at the FW logs in pfsense, I see that a ton of the traffic is getting blocked on the LAN interface by a default rule https://imgur.com/a/ZEUb051

I did a packet capture on the LAN interface, and can see some of the 10.0.* traffic on there. In the packet capture, any packet that is src 10.* , does not have a vlan tag, but if it is a destination address, it does.

Anyone seen anything similar to this? Is my script missing something that would cause traffic to not get tagged?
I don't know anything about ASUS routers but in the old days with VLANs and non-VLAN aware switches. The non-VLAN aware switches would strip the tags off VLAN traffic and you would end up with a lot of default traffic which should have been tagged traffic.

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