VPN by groups on RT-AX89X or RT-AX86U


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i have both routers : RT-AX89X and RT-AX86U
the 89x is the main - due to fiber connection option i get from isp
the 86u is the mesh
i need to split the vpn - (i must exclude TV from VPN , the cables company send message "we did not reach this country yet")

i understand only the 86u supported by you,
so i cant think of proper solution for my problem, to exclude tv from vpn

do you have any suggestion to me?
appriciate the help


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What are your ISP speeds? Won't the 2.5GbE Port on the RT-AX86U be enough?


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Policy based routing will allow you to exclude your television, or any other devices you choose, from VPN. You decide which devices are connected to VPN, and which ones are excluded.
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Yep, I am using policy based routing myself to do something opposite - I have a vpn tunnel set to a different country and only my Smart tv using the vpn tunnel.
My Ax89x was unable to do this, this is one of the reasons why I bought gt-ax6000. Stock Asus ROG firmware supports this via VPN fusion but now Merlin’s firmware is also available so you can do this via VPN director either.

Ax89x is not supported by Merlin so your only option is to buy a ROG router or a router supported by Merlin.

Unless you want to use Merlin on Ax86u?

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