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want NAS recommendation. Datto Z-series?

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I've never used NAS but i've been reading the primers. What i want is a reliable "box" that i can hide away from thieves to store my music (mp3's), videos (mpg's), pictures (jpg's) (these 3 categories would currently fill maybe 100 GB now and more in the future), and my business files (a few MB). I want to be able to access these files from any PC in the building, which is wired with CAT5E thru a gigabit router. The different folders need to be password protected, and show up in Windows Explorer so i can double-click them to run the appropriate application (such as VideoLAN or Excel) for each file type, which is stored on each PC's opsys disk. I do NOT need feed to a standalone networked media player. I am the only user. I have had numerous PC's crash over the years so i don't feel confident about using an old PC as NAS, and i don't want to have to struggle with penguin operating systems.
I was thinking about getting a 2-disk BYOD standalone type "box" NAS. I figured that if i ran RAID1, i could take out one disk once a month (since my music and video files don't change often) and store it offsite, and then rebuild the array. Then if the NAS died or was stolen, i could still attach the offsite disk to my PC to get immediate access to my files again. Would a PC be able to read this disk, or are the disk formats proprietary? Can someone recommend a good product for my needs? I was looking at the Datto Z-Series NAS backup devices. These sound great for backup (dual gigabyte, onsite/offsite backup) but i don't know if they would also fulfill my file server needs. Thanks for any pointers.
You might be able to get the remove-one-RAID1 drive trick to work, but why bother with the hassle?

Instead just use a single drive NAS with a backup-to-external-USB drive feature found on many NASes. Easier portability and since the drives will be FAT32 formatted, will show right up when attached to a Windows machine.

I suggest you look at the Buffalo LinkStations.

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