Weird XT8 Bug

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Just wanted to report a very weird bug I just experienced with my XT8s. I have them configured as a router and node using wireless backhaul on current FW. They have been running fine with no problems. Last week I decided to turn the LEDs off on both units using the mobile app. After doing so I started to experience daily (at least once a day, a few times twice a day) spontaneous reboots. Nothing in the log to indicate why or any problem at all. I decided to turn the LEDs back on and haven’t had a reboot in 3 days. For the life of me I can’t see how turning the LEDs off would cause something like this.


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It's an ASUS router and par for the course.

I have 2 x AX92U set as router and access point. Opened GUI, changed 2.4Ghz channel from 9 to 13, hit apply and was thrown out of the GUI, lost internet connection and couldn't log back in to the router. I had to fully reset the whole system.

Just like 2014 with the RT-AC87U , firmware was so bad that any change you made would result in the router freezing and requiring a factory reset .

They produce too many devices and make things too complex. I am looking at changing my network and selling off the AX92U's .


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Interesting, have been having problems with my set up too (XT8 main + node). Had it running with node turned off for a week with very few issues, turned node back on again, and now getting errors in log again, but nobody is up to tell me they have disconnects! Node is in bedroom, so have LED off - wonder if I should try with LED on (and tape it up!).


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Have the LED off on the node, since it's in the living room by the TV. Distracts from my wife's nearby artworks with the LED on *smile*. Working fine, up for over a week with no problems. But that's fine, since I got them about a week ago.

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