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Who does DualWAN load balancing + failover RIGHT?

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Simple question: who is still doing DualWAN load balancing + failover Right?

A few years back I bought an AX86U for its DualWAN "feature". I needn't say more.
I have read about options from MikroTik, TP Link, Ubiquiti, etc. Some models appear to have been around for a decade. I'm looking for a solution that:
  • is not EOL or near EOL
  • still gets firmware updates
  • isn't known for exploits (I saw stuff that made me wary about MikroTik the first time I started researching this.)
  • is easy enough to set up for a tech-savvy non IT-pro
  • is cost effective as this is for a home office
I found a great post from almost a year ago recommending TP-Link's ER605 and some other hardware. Is this still a relevant top choice?

I live in the boons. The only option was/is PTP wireless. In the decade we've been here, that's gone from 1.5Mbit to a 50Mbit connection. A second service provider added a tower so now I have:
  • 50/20 - primary WAN
  • 50/10 - secondary WAN
Try this script from Ranger802004, it works well with Asus

I use pfSense dual wan fail over with my cable internet and a LTE connection.
simple to configure and pfSense community edition is free open source software.


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