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Wired PC Killing my Arris 3270 Modem

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The (Bridged) Arris Modem has 4 WAN port. At my home we use 2 of them. One for regular internet, the other for my wife's work. Most of our equpment is wired and only our mobiles and tablets are using wireless connection.

Problems started Saturday morning. Both networks were almost unuable due to slow speeds. Most web pages would never load in their entirety if at all. At first we assumed that the ISP was having issues and lived with the slowdown. Saturday evening everything appeared normal.

Sunday AM and the problem re-appeared. I tried a variety of things such as turning off all wireless, removing routers, connecting only one PC directly to the modem. After a modem reboot all appeared good for a while but within minutes speed started to degrade. Yesterday I called the ISP and a tech is supposed to be here today. I hope he isnt wasting his time because...

Yesterday afternoon it occurred to me that all tests I conducted over the past 2 days always involved my PC. I disconnected it from the network and connected all other devices as usual. Voila... There has not been an issue since. Speeds are normal, pages load just fine. I have been afraid to re-connect my PC as everthing is working fine and my wife is entirely depended on a good connection for her work.

So my questions are. Is it possible that a PC could bring down a modem and if so what are the things I should be looking at? I already ran several different virus scans and all came back clean. I tried several different network cables but the problem was always the same.

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