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Wired router buying advice

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I have Asus RT-AC86U and I want to move it to bedroom for better WiFi coverage. To do that I need to replace it with wired router and set it to AP mode. My ISP is 1Gb/s symmetric (up to 850Mb/s in real) over Gigabit Ethernet connector located at entry door. This is also place from which 4 ethernet cables cat 6 go to rooms (2x to living room, 1 to bedroom and 1 to office). Most of network devices are in my home office.

I have several services exposed externally, like VPN, TOR, Home Assistant on Intel NUC. I also have 2 HDDs plugged to router.

By looking on what's popular on the market, I noticed Mikrotik RB750r2 and RB750Gr3. Would you recommend getting one of them or something else?


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Then get another Asus router and set it as the Primary AiMesh router. The Asus RT-AC86U set it as AiMesh node.
The RT-AX86U PRO would be a good choice because of the 2.5G port.
There's a $50 router on Amazon.

Since you're prewired you could just get an AP and stick it in a more central location and cover more space and add AX to the mix for about $150.
Thanks for your responses, I decided to choose budget option and buy Mikrotik hex (RB750Gr3) and turn my AC86U into AP. I was suprised to find out that WAN speed increased but some features from AsusWRT are missing in RouterOS.
This seems impossible. Search and you will find them.
i second this. RouterOS may not be the most transparant GUI but i can hardly imagine that is has less features than AsusWRT.
So far I failed to configure DoH/DoT despite trying many things and from what I read other people report issues with it too. Both UI and console expose settings irrelevant to this router, there is no way to disable LEDs and beeper but I can live with that.
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