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Wireless advice townhouse

Discussion in 'Wireless Buying Advice' started by Mark070, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Mark070

    Mark070 New Around Here

    Nov 18, 2019
    Hey guys,

    Currently, in my townhouse ( just under 2000 sqft ), I am using the Orbi RBR20 (only the router unit) as my Access Point. That covers my entire townhouse just fine, so far. As a result, I have a spare R7800 router/wifi now laying in the closet.

    My brother talked to me the other day and sent me some pics of his wifi coverage in his townhouse (probably just over 2000 sqft)

    In some spots he gets his 200 mbps speed just fine, but in the opposite end of the house his 5ghz wifi cuts out and he needs to use the 2.4ghz connection, and is maybe getting 19 mbps in that area.

    He is using an Asus Router (probably a 68u would be my guess, but something in that era).

    1.) Would the R7800 that I have in my closet work better for him?
    2.) Should I give him my Orbi RBR/RBS20 setup?
    3.) If option 2 ... then
    3a.) I have an edge router 4, which mesh AP (NON-POE) would cover 2000 sqft (ideally one SSID)

    Or any combination above... just thinking out loud