Wireless guest Bug in AC68U on firmware 386.2_6

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New Around Here
Hey Folks I may have discovered a bug in the RT-AC68U, this is my router model, I have 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz wireless networks, and when I enable a guest network, my internet becomes unavailable, from what I can tell in the logs it looks like it has issues bridging the BR0 internet to the rest of the devices, so both wired and wireless lose internet access. If restart the WAN, it comes back and then dies again in < ~5 minutes. When I completely disable guest Wifi (2.4 ghz) it goes away forever.

Should I be attaching any logs?

Also I have factory reset the device many times, and even tried the very same method on a secondary router (same exact model and firmware), so can't be hardware.

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