Would this work or no? Do not want third party router in garage if possible

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Sorry for the horrible image/drawing.

If you all still don't understand what i want to do it is ok.

network layout 2.jpg


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The description is a little convoluted. Also the text would have been better not included in the diagram to make it easier to read.

All you need is a single cable from your router in the house to a switch in the garage.


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Assuming I understand you correctly, here's what you want to do (I live in Visio doing network diagrams all day long, so I swear this didn't take me too long ;)) :


Diagram - LAN (local network) is blue; WAN (internet) is red.

Garage - All ethernet wires that return to the garage should terminate in what's called a patch panel ("PP" in the diagram). Per Tim's advice, you want to add a $20 8-port unmanaged switch ("S1"), and connect all numbered ports via short ethernet cables to the corresponding ports on PP -- EXCEPT for port 4 on PP: that port will be connected to the ISP gateway ("G1"), which leads to the internet. If possible, you also want to set G1 into bridge or IP pass-through mode, effectively turning it into just a modem (because your router will be handling the rest of the networking).

TV Room - Wire the WAN port on your all-in-one router ("R1") to port 4 in the diagram with an ethernet cable (this will lead to PP port 4, then to G1 and out to the internet). That entire cable path is marked in red. Then, wire one of the LAN ports (usually 4 of them) on R1 to port 5. This will lead to PP port 5 and then S1 port 5, and ultimately to the rest of the LAN, or local network (in blue), which includes ports 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.

If you have any trouble following that, or if I misinterpreted, let me know, and I'll address.
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