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XT8 (AX6600) Dead

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Markus Gecko

New Around Here

My XT8 suddenly died at the weekend. No led, no network connections, just dead. Checked the PSU (and tried another PSU too) and voltage and ampage from the PSUs were fine.

Tried hard resetting, and still nothing.

I've put it on UK ebay for spares and repairs, but just wondered if anyone had any ideas?

Welcome to the forums @Markus Gecko.

The only other thing to try is to leave it unplugged (from both the AC wall socket and the plug into the router) with the power button 'on' for as long as you can. Then try doing a reset via the WPS button method (see below), or the Reset button method. Whether or not any LEDs show up. Also unplug all other cables and devices from the router (WAN, LAN, USB, etc.).

Leave it for a few minutes to (hopefully) boot up and see if you can see the setup SSIDs for your router.
Thanks L&LD, but no dice. It looks like it's a Kentucky Fried Router.

Hopefully someone will get it for a good price on Ebay and be able to patch it up.

Again, I appreciate you replying and so quickly too.

I've just ordered a XT9 which should arrive on Thursday.
I sadly got it used from Ebay with no proof of purchase. Don't think I can make a warranty claim, but I will check!
Was a black one, but sold last night, sorry! (for £50 which I'm happy with given it's well beyond my repair skills).

I got a pair of XT9's so my other Asus, a GS-AX3000, is currently on Ebay now.

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