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ZenWifi XT8 (Ax6600) and USB ethernet dongle for a second multigig port

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Has anyone successully used the USB port on the XT8 as a WAN so they could free up the 2.5G want to connect back to a 2.5G switch?

I have fiber 1.5G service and I'm trying to figure out how to setup my XT8's along with a 2.5G switch to make 2.5G service available to all my devices.

the issue is the single 2.5G WAN port on each XT8 unit. I can run 2.5G service from the ISP modem to one XT8 but then can't currently connect that to a 2.5G switch unless I have a second 2.5G port available. All LAN ports on the XT8 are gigabit so it makes it impossible to get 2.5G beyond the one router. This is where I am hoping someone has successfully used a 2.5G USB-ethernet dongle to act as a second 2.5G port to get 2.5G service back to a switch in which the node would connect to so that 2.5G service is supplied to all devices.

Has anyone had success with this? if so, what USB-Ethernet dongle did you use (link appreciated)?

would this be available with alternate firmware such as MERLIN/GNUTON?

thanks in advance.
Search the forums. There was exactly a thread like that for the RT-AX86U. Might work better/worse for your router today.
I solved that 'problem' by obtaining a GT-AX6000 when on sale for $230. Yet only one of the XT8s is connected (as AP) @ 2.5 GHz. Likely some configuration /could/ be made to accomplish what you desire

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