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New Around Here
This addon doesnt have a speedlimit, or iḿ i doeing things wrong.
Setup guest with speedlimit is oke, but then setup YazFi they speed limit is gone. please add speedlimit.
Welcome to the forums @Jhinta.

Can you show the issue with a few screenshots of your configuration?
Setup guest with speedlimit is oke

Setting up a Guest Network with Bandwidth Limiter is okay only if the router's CPU is capable of processing WAN-LAN traffic with ISP speeds. Bandwidth Limiter is NAT acceleration incompatible. For home routers that means limiting the entire network WAN-LAN throughput to 200-400Mbps depending on the router model. No more Gigabit capable router.
Welcome to the forums @Jhinta.

Can you show the issue with a few screenshots of your configuration?
You can easly do it your self, just create a guest wifi and limit to lets say 8MBs -> this will work
Now that guest is working oke-> add YazFi setting -> speed limit gone and speed is max
I have tested many settings but it seams like when ever YazFi is applied speed limit is gone -> applie guest setting with speetlimit again is oke -> limit is there but no YazFi -> applie YazFi -> speed limit gone
The addon seems to overule the command, if so it needs the speed limit also.
The likely reason why QoS bandwidth limiter doesn't work with YazFi is due to how YazFi works. YazFi clients have IP addresses outside the main LAN/WiFi IP address subnet range. Because of this YazFi clients are not reflected (are not shown or listed) in the GUI Network Map or Client List.

It is likely because the YazFil clients reside outside the main LAN ip address range the Asus Adaptive QoS code doesn't see the YazFi client and therefore does not apply any QoS rules (or at least the bandwidth limiter rule) to the YazFi client MAC address or IP address.

Unknown if the add-on script FlexQoS, or other QoS scripts (if they exist), can address this set bandwidth issue. No idea if there is a way to script a fix to this issue via SSH. The developer of YazFi is no longer actively developing YazFi (see here). Another user, @Martinski, who is adding their own well received enhancements to YazFi and YazDHCP may possibly be able to offer up some suggestions or comments on this issue since they're familiar with the inner workings of YazFi.
@dave14305 can speak to FlexQoS' abilities, and suggest configs, I'm sure
That said, I suspect it might be worthwhile to look into WireGuard's server capabilities as well, for non-guest clients

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