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ZenWifi ET12 5Ghz radio gone - hardware fault?

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At this point, I'm fairly convinced that it's a hardware issue, but before sending it back I thought I'd give it a shot here...here goes:

I got an ET12 on sale - main use case would be the 6Ghz band for the Quest 3, I don't have a lot of requirements otherwise (most other equipment is wired behind a switch, no Mesh etc needed).
Did initial setup with three separate SSIDs, no Smart Connect, and everything looked fine.

But when troubleshooting the 6G band (not visible with AX210 laptop - which I know now is a driver/windows issue *rolleyes*...), after a while, all of a sudden the 5G radio seemed to have vanished.
Not just invisible from the client, but completely gone, with even the UI getting confused:
* The 5Ghz config section in the Wireless tab shows and assigns 6Ghz channels (usually 85 when on auto). Thus no way to actually set 5Ghz channels.
* The 6Ghz config section is there, with the SSID assigned, but it never gets a channel or even a list for selection.
* The 6Ghz MAC field in the overview remains empty with what I assume the 6Ghz MAC being in the 5Ghz field (initially :30/:34/:38, now only :30/:38 ever shows up)
* The App shows the configured radios as "2.4Ghz, 6Ghz-1, 6Ghz-2"
* The band selection in "Professional" is broken, only allowing 2.4Ghz to be selected unless I disable 5Ghz radio (via App)
* logs (syslog and wireless) only show entries for 2.4 and 6Ghz.
* theres some lines for DFS search, but it only ever says Idle status in the wireless log - and I've waited far longer than 10 minutes to rule out DFS issues...
And a few observations after combing through things over ssh:
* ifconfig et al only ever show eth4 and eth5, eth6 is missing.
* wl channel list for 5G is always empty
* wl2 MAC is empty
* ...and so on.

And the frustrating thing and what makes me think its actually hardware related:
I've tested with several firmwares (last few stable 388, latest beta, latest 386) - and even though with factory reset+WPS button hard reset procedure every time, the issue remains unchanged.
Going through all kinds of radio-affecting settings (Eth backhaul etc.) didn't change a thing.
I even end up with a broken config right after the wizard after doing a hard reset:
When entering, say, MYSSID_24G/MYSSID_5G/MYSSID_6G/"separate bands", it ends up with MYSSID_24G/MYSSID_6G/ASUS_ET12_PRO (the latter open!)
Oh, if it helps: I'm in Austria, the country code is set to Germany (which seems to be the common case and fine, though, from what I've googled.)

Anyone maybe having that one perfect hint I was missing, saving this mess? Or at least some words of consolation? ;D
Anyone maybe having that one perfect hint I was missing, saving this mess?

If basic functions don't work out-of-the-box with no other factors in play... like trouble connected to it, then I'd call it DOA and move it out.


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