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    External Access Through Asus Router To Home Network

    Forgive the very noobish question and understanding level here . . . For my home network, I have an RT-AC3100 as my main router behind our cable modem. My home NAS on our home network has a serious issue and the manufacturer wants to access it and has given me four IP addresses they will use...
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    Performance of Recent ASUS Routers As Media Bridges?

    I'm curious what other folk's experiences are with using a recent ASUS router as a media bridge. I've had two RT-AC88U's, one replaced by ASUS and neither have worked well as a media bridge. After about 2-3 hours, both kept "falling off" the network and the Internet connection for the devices...
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    Contacting ASUS for Tech Support - Good Experience?

    Just curious if anyone has ever filed a case with ASUS Tech Support and how it went? Was it a good experience? Did you get good results? Or? Just wondering as I have a second ticket into them for problems with my RT-AC88U as a media bridge. For this ticket, they asked for logs and some...
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    Mixed review of AC5300 by SNB???

    Except perhaps as a Media Bridge.
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    Thanks for sharing! :) I get about 1-2 hours before the RT-AC88U "poops out" after a reboot/power cycle. I'm using my RT-AC88U with our main home entertainment unit, with six devices connected. One of those devices is a HTPC. Fortunately, being directly connected to the RT-AC88U for...
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    I wonder if this is like the issue I experienced, except I had the unit in Media Bridge mode. I contacted ASUS support and after discussing my issue, they issued me an RMA for returning my RT-AC88U router to them. After returning the router to them, their testing found issues ("wireless...
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    The status page is for issued RMAs to check their repair status--not to see if any router S/Ns may be covered by a possible repair. Sorry if I confused you on that. I got a link to this ASUS web page page in an e-mail from ASUS with RMA#. I then needed to input the RMA # or S/N. Here's the...
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    Update on my RMA with ASUS. Got an e-mail last week from ASUS that they will be sending me a replacement RT-AC88U router. From the S/N of the replacement router (S/N begins with FCIAGW--it was listed in the online RMA status page) , I'm guessing it may possibly be from a later manufacturing...
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    I finally contacted ASUS about the problems I was having with my RT-AC88U as a media bridge. After going back and forth on a few things, they want me to send the router back to them and have issued me a RMA. One thing I noticed--after re-powering the RT-AC88U up, I went to the main router, the...
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    Gee, you're making me jealous . . . ;) I contacted Asus support just to see what they said about the issue. Got this back. The possible cause of the issue could be associated with the settings or firmware. Can you please follow the below procedures to fix this issue: 1. Please try to...
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    Earlier in the thread, if I remember right, this was acknowledged as a known issue with some ASUS routers. I'm also seeing the issue with my RT-AC88U as a media bridge (with a RT-AC3100 as my main router and a RT-AC87U as an access point). Usually have to do a power cycle on the RT-AC88U once...