Performance of Recent ASUS Routers As Media Bridges?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Occasional Visitor
I'm curious what other folk's experiences are with using a recent ASUS router as a media bridge.

I've had two RT-AC88U's, one replaced by ASUS and neither have worked well as a media bridge. After about 2-3 hours, both kept "falling off" the network and the Internet connection for the devices attached would usually fail also. And I couldn't connect to the devices attached to the media bridge with something like an iPad app once that happened.

So I'm wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a recent ASUS router (say, from the RT-AC87U on) as a media bridge. I've seen a few posts here from a few folks mentioning issues with recent ASUS routers as bridges in the last few years. (I know that a hard wired Ethernet solution is far better, and I'll probably go in that direction, but I'm still curious here.)

Also, does anyone with a "router expertise pay grade" greater than my noob knowledge level believe the media bridge issues might be firmware correctable?


Very Senior Member
I use an AC 66 as a bridge mode and get great transfer speeds , connect between 702 and 760 mb , 30 feet away and 4 walls from router , AC 3200 . Only trouble is it does not work with 380.57 Merlin , stuck on Merlin 378.56

Gerry Wasiluk

Occasional Visitor
As I just posted in the regular RT-AC88U thread: "Knock on wood, but this firmware update may have solved the problems I was having with the RT-AC88U as a media bridge. Since installing the new firmware, it's been up for four hours so far and it's not fallen off the network. Here's hoping . . . ."


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I'm still dealing with this, did you find a fix? I stream Steam to my bedroom from another pc and often the stream drops and I go look at the main pc and it's dropped connection and the router has to be physically reset.

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