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    [Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 374.43 LTS releases (Archive)

    Respect for your hard work John. I will try and write here. Share issue, just to try to help with anything. Greetings
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    [Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 374.43 LTS releases (Archive)

    Hello, like I'm the only one with a problem flashing the new 16th version. When flashing from 15v5 to 16, the router does not place wireless network and continuously reboot. In LAN make sense for a few seconds only and starts searching for a network again. By WPS button did reset and router...
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    Could you please PM me the RT-AC68U firmware? Thanks. Thanks for PM :)
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    ASUS RT-AC68U firmware version out in Japan
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    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version is out

    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version Security related issues: 1. Deny port 445 inbound connection from WAN. 2. Force changing FTP from anonymous to account mode after firmware upgraded. 3. Patched IPv6 user interface from Merlin's build. Others 1. Fixed IE and Firefox...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 374.39 is out

    I like this build, good job Merlin Thank you
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    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version

    yes, but it is desirable versions to be close
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    RT-AC68U Dual wan question

    I don't have any experience, with load balancing too, but for now I could not go and get success in my attempts with fail over Dual Wan mode. I guess in the future..... Regards