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  1. K

    RT-AC68U best way to update to the latest firmwire

    Hi, I have currently 384.5 Merlin running, It is big leap to 384.17. What method should I follow to successfully update it. (clear nvram) Thanks
  2. W

    Failing to upgrade AC68U from 384.5 to 384.6 or higher

    Summary: Even after factory/NVRAM resets, AC68U won't update any Merlin version past current 384.5 Router: RT-AC68U (originally TM-AC1900, upgraded) Firmware: 384.5 Obviously, I'm behind a few revisions; had a lot going on this Winter. After trying to update to latest-and-greatest and...
  3. S

    [RT-AC87U running 384.5] 5GHz Guest Network doesn't work

    After being upgraded to 384.5, my RT-AC87U's 5GHz guest network no longer works. The network doesn't show up on any of my devices that are 5GHz capable; it's like it's not even there. The 2.4GHz guest network option still works fine, but before upgrading to 384.5 I used 5GHz guest networks...
  4. bROTHER

    NTP not working on AC68U 384.5

    Hi, Just upgraded from 380.68_4 to 384.5 my both AC68U (router+media bridge) Factory reset on both and everything configured again from scratch. Everything seems to be working nice again, just like before, but media bridge (MB) cannot access the same NTP server that is configured in the router...
  5. Lord Lovaduck

    [Solved] USB 2.0 not working on Merlin 384.5 - AC68U infused TM-AC1900

    Got a really weird error!!! Unlike others who had bad USB 3.0 ports... mine works fine! It's the USB 2.0 that gives me a hard time!!! I know, AC1900 is unsupported hw... in any case I will ask, maybe somebody has seen this before or has any ideas. The USB 2.0 port was working fine when I did...
  6. I

    no internet with OpenVPN server

    I'm running 384.5 on an ASUS RT-AC87U, and I've setup an OpenVPN server. I setup some very basic ad-blocking rules for dnsmasq, and the OpenVPN server is set with "client will use VPN to access" "Internet Only". In the Advanced settings, I have "advertise DNS to clients" set to "yes". Whenever...
  7. A

    Fire Tablet and 384.5 FW

    I've been having this issue with my fire tablet for the kid and my wife's tablet which is the same model since upgrading to 384.5 from 380.x - whatever the latest release is/was. I have no issues with any other devices on the network, even all of my smart outlets,bulbs, led controllers run fine...
  8. ADFHogan

    Ubuntu notebook + Nexus 6p won't talk over RT-AC5300 running 384.5

    Amongst various devices, I have a Nexus 6P and an HP Pavilion dv7 running Ubuntu 17.10 (upgrading it to 18.04 at the moment). The notebook uses a Broadcom BCM4322 abgn wifi adapter. It's an old notebook, but it's good for Kodi :) ... I'm trying to get Yatse to talk to it.. Aaaaanyway, both can...

    RT-AC87U Firmware:384.5 and all after Legacy 380.70

    I updated my Asus Route RT-AC87U FW some weeks ago following the NG firmware available after the legacy 380.70. Since the upgrade and subsequent updates I noticed that the 5GHz interface does not show any of my wireless devices connected on this band. It always appear as part of the Wired one...
  10. A

    OpenVPN client and server degrading download speeds

    Just updated my RT-AC68U to 384.5 merlin firmware and noticed that my 100Mbps down speed is now merely 35Mbps. Direct connection to cable modem shows 100mbs down speeds no issue. started trouble shooting the router, turning off VPN server and client and rebooting brought up the down speeds to...