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  1. L&LD

    Troubleshooting 101 Asus/RMerlin Routers 2020

    Top 10 Simple Asus/RMerlin firmware powered Router Troubleshooting steps to try first: NOTE: Although this is for Asus/RMerlin-firmware powered routers, the steps below may be relevant to all routers, to get to a quick fix for common symptoms. Check that the router’s System Time is accurate on...
  2. B

    ASUS RT-AX88U - Can someone tell me what this means

    I see this pattern of entries in my system log. They repeat at varying intervals. Appreciate any help. Jul 17 07:32:19 kernel: eth3 (Ext switch port: 2) (Logical Port: 10) (phyId: a) Link DOWN. Jul 17 07:32:23 kernel: eth3 (Ext switch port: 2) (Logical Port: 10) (phyId: a) Link UP at 1000 mbps...
  3. A

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    Hi There, Here is the official beta of RT-AX89X, we plan to update RT-AX89X to 386 branch soon, and now release candidate is under public sharing. Download link: backup...
  4. J

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    Pretty cool developments, can't wait to finally try these long awaited 386 versions once they are finalized as a general release in the form of an @RMerlin firmware (once some more time goes by waiting for the GPL of course).:):cool:
  5. B

    bulk edits of client list / manually assigned IP's

    Hi I'm running a Blue Cave with stock firmware. is there a way of doing a bulk renaming of assets in the client list, or a bulk uploading / configuring of manully assigned IP addresses? I was thinking along the lines of downloading the appropriate file, editing it then uploading to router /...
  6. F

    Asus Merlin in AP mode vs UniFi access point

    How do Asus routers (w/Merlin) in Access Point mode compare with true access points such as UniFi nanoHD? Is either of them much better than the other is some ways or is it a toss-up? Thanks.
  7. MailManX

    A Fine Mesh I'd Like To Be In (RT-AC86U)

    I currently have (4) T-Mobile TM-AC1900 routers all connected by ethernet Cat6. I've had these old routers for years and love them. They give me the coverage and speed I want and have not given me any trouble. I have given each router it's own SSID so that I can tell which one to use in various...
  8. B

    ASUS RT-AX88U APCS_CSTIMER Logging Messages

    Hi All, I recently purchased an ASUS RT-AX88U. My last router was an ASUS RT-AC87U that served me well. I just needed something with more than 4 ports so the RT-AX88U seemed like a good fit. I saw some reviews that indicated it might a little daunting to setup. But it's working after...
  9. Trublue

    RT-N56U Advanced system page not showing correctly.

    Not sure whats going on. I'm trying to enable SSH but the option is missing from the Administration > System page. I've looked all over the forums and Google and haven't found a solution. Has anyone run into this or know whats going on? Ive tried rebooting, completely erasing all settings...
  10. D

    Cutting Cable, Will go with 1GB/s Xfinity: Would like suggestions on coverage and gaming

    Hi, So right now I have an Asus AC-5300 running Merlin. The house is Colonial with the family room on the side. So think Colonial house with an extra bottom half next to it. Roughly 3000+ with basement. The router is in the middle bedroom upstairs and covers most of the house OK, but the deck...
  11. E

    ASUS RT-AC86U / OpenVPN / no connection to clients

    Hi together I had a working setup with my RT-AC86U to connect through OpenVPN to my network to reach clients connected to the router. Now I had to reset the router. The problem is that I can connect through OpenVPN to the router but it's not possible to connect to any client. I don't know what...
  12. ekze

    AC66U slow with 6in4 - advise on new router

    I've been struggling with my AC66U (old rev.) speed issues, finally I narrowed it down to IPv6. When I enable 6in4, my speed over ipv4 gets capped at around ~130-150 mbps, and router is lagging like crazy (ICMP 20-30ms, unresponsive web), as soon as I disable IPv6, I get ~700-900 mbps without...
  13. F

    wrong VLAN tags going out

    Hi all, I'll try to be brief. I have AC3100 in AP mode with 2 guest WIFIs. I want each guest WIFI to go out over on WAN port on its own VLAN (I am using IDs 9 and 10). To that end, I have /jffs/scripts/services-start script as shown below. When a client connects to WIFI wl0.2, it is assigned...
  14. H

    [ASUS RT-AC58U] Sharing USB via SMB not working

    I've been attempting to share a series of USB drives from an ASUS RT-AC58U without success. I've followed the instructions on sharing on the manufacturer's website as well as the instructions for enabling SMB1 on Windows 10. I've tried different types of drives (flash, and spinning platter) with...
  15. R

    RT-AC5300: Cannot find current or new firmware

    Hey all, today I checked for new firmware versions for my router, and apparently there is quite a big jump from 3.0 to 4.6: However, when clicking on the "4.6" label, no information loads (even after 15mins waiting time). On the ASUS website I cannot find any of the...
  16. A

    AiMesh node for AX88U. Please help!

    This is my first post in this forum and if this violate any rule, please excuse me for that and let me know so that I can correct it. I've been following this forum for quiet a long time and my queries were being answered till now. Now, I am stuck in a situation hence created account to ask the...
  17. R

    Second router as VPN gateway

    I would like to connect only a few devices on my network to a VPN. My Asus router allows either all devices to connect to the VPN, or none. I can't use the Merlin or DD-WRT firmwares because I am using aimesh. Can I use a spare Asus router as a VPN Gateway? I am planning to use it as the...
  18. T

    ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router VPN Client issue

    Hi, I have a ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router with firmware version The current firmware version is When I try to upgrade from to any new firmware I have an issue with VPN client. When I add an Open VPN client, in my router, the internet status...
  19. Kashif Tasneem

    Link Aggregation/ Port Trunking not working with Asus AX-11000 and Qnap TS-451+

    Hi. I followed the following guides of both Qnap and Asus to setup link aggregation but still it is not working. When I transfer files, only 1 adapter is used even though NAS shows I have setup Link aggregation correctly...
  20. R

    Does the AC-1750 B1 (AC66U B1) support WireGuard

    I've been using Merlin for the past couple years. The advanced OpenVPN configuration has been a blessing when it comes to setting up 2 or 3 streaming devices, but it's not very usable for other devices, since the speed is capped at ~20 Mbps due to the single-threaded nature of OpenVPN and the...