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  1. Jayce Ooi

    Asus RT-AX86U vs RT-AC86U - Battle of the Best AC WiFi 5 & AX WiFi 6 Router - Worth the Upgrade?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX86U vs RT-AC86U @ Asus RT-AX86U is an excellent Wi-Fi 6 router. Period. If you have not watched my review about it, please do so now. Not going to repeat here again but do a comparison against its predecessor –...
  2. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus PCE-AX58BT / PCE-AX3000 - Worth to Buy Over Generic Chinese Intel AX200 AX Wi-Fi 6 Card?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus PCE-AX58BT Review @ Hey guys, I am back again with Asus PCE-AX58BT. AX3000 Dual Band PCI-E WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Adapter with 2 external antennas. Supporting 160MHz, Bluetooth 5.0, WPA3 network security, OFDMA and...
  3. Jayce Ooi

    Asus RT-AX56U vs RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U - Which Wireless Router is Better on WiFi 5, 6 & AiMesh?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX56U vs RT-AX3000 @ Hi guys, I have the chance to re-visit budget Wi-Fi 6 router - Asus RT-AX56U. Managed to test it with Wi-Fi 6 device and AiMesh ability. Of course, compared it to slightly expensive RT-AX3000...
  4. wild4gwonderer

    [UK] Asus 4G-AC68U router, constantly dropping connection on EE mobile network?

    Hi all, I recently decided to give up fixed line ADSL as I will be travelling around the UK a lot. After doing some research into 4G Wireless routers, I settled with the ASUS 4G-AC68U partly because it looks cool and also due to its WIFI antenna ranges. Initial testing of the router was done...
  5. R

    Allow pings from a single IP

    Hello, If ICMP (pings, etc.) is blocked in the firewall, it is possible to white list a single ip? ...using SSH or Telnet, the web interface only allows to enable all or none. Thank you
  6. L

    Need Family & Parental Control Help... Web UI different than Mobile app?

    Hoping someone know these settings well? I have an RT-AC86U I setup both... Family Members, in the Android App; and Parental Controls + Time Scheduling in the Web UI Looks like the built-in Web UI is different than the mobile app? The ASUS Router Mobile App lets me add Family Member names and...
  7. giopas

    Time to rebuild the home network?

    Hi all, I live in a house composed by groundfloor, first floor, mezzanine and basement (overall ~150sq/m) and I currently have the following set up: Router on the ground floor: RT-AC87U (running Asus Merlin fw) Wifi AP on the first floor: RT-AC68U (wired, in bridge mode, to extend wireless)...
  8. A

    RT-AX86U Works great, except when it doesn't.

    You have one thread on this already
  9. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus RT-AX86U

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX86U Review @ Yeah, the legendary Asus RT-AC86U successor is here at last! Meet AX5700 WiFi 6 Gaming Router – RT-AX86U. It is powered by 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. Loaded with Mobile Game Mode for a lag-free...
  10. Z

    AT&T fiber 1000 speed is throttling and other ipv4 issues

    so I have AT&T fiber 1000 service and the modem they gave me (The Motrela BGW-210) is crap. So I bought an rt-ax86u and I noticed imeaditly that on my hardwired pc (With the same ethernet cable) is getting half the speeds I would get connected directly to the modem (I have the modem in IP...
  11. J

    Asus ZenWifi AX XT8 - A two week technical review (And that 160mhz issue)

    First the TL;DR 160mhz backhaul not possible in areas of UK due to weather radar on 5.625ghz. Channel 124 is 5.620ghz *See map below* This removes one of the BIG features of this product. I think it could be fixed, but will it? Fronthaul 5G-1 limited to channels 36-64 Backhaul 5G-2...
  12. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus TUF Gaming AX3000

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus TUF Gaming AX3000 Review @ Hey guys, I am back again with another Asus AX3000 WiFi 6 Gaming Router. TUF Gaming AX3000 is the star today. It is basically RT-AX3000 with better housing and added gaming features like...
  13. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX3000 Review @ Hi everyone, meet Asus AX3000 WiFi 6 router. Asus RT-AX3000 also known as RT-AX58U at certain regions. It is powered by 1.5 GHz tri-core processor. Loaded with WPA3 support, Advanced Parental...
  14. 7

    Setting up an Extra AP with Asus's XT8

    Hello, I want to buy Asus's ZenWifi XT8. But before doing that I have a question. I have a Cisco Access Point (Model: AIR-AP1832I-E-K9). Can I set up my 2 Asus units and connect the Cisco AP as a third unit with them?, having them all broadcast the same SSID as a one network and have a good...
  15. F

    Router to support VPN client/server and PiHole

    Hello, I'll start by saying that I'm a bit of a novice with networking and I've been searching around for information about this for ages and I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, so I know the answers are out there, but I'm hoping you can help me to pull it all together. What (I think) I want: -...
  16. G

    Can't Access CFE to Erase NVRAM After Failed Upgrade

    So, my Asus RT-AC88U was acting up after internet outages so I thought maybe a firmware upgrade was advised, it failed. I tried putting it in rescue mode but it never worked, and I tried erasing the NVRAM via the WPS button which also didn't do anything. I learned I could hook up my RPi to...
  17. N

    Asus AC68U panic ( reboots )

    Hi all My router again has started to randomly reboot , really cant put my finger on what is causing it, very very random. I did have this same issue a couple of months ago or so and ended up flashing the router and then setting everything back up. This time i have set the router to send the...
  18. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus RT-AX82U

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX82U Review @ Hey guys, meet Asus AX5400 WiFi 6 gaming router with attractive Aura RGB lighting effects. RT-AX82U is powered by 1.5 GHz tri-core processor. Loaded with Mobile Game Mode for a lag-free...
  19. digits n bits

    Asus RT-AX58U FOR SALE

    Selling a like new Asus RT-AX58U BEST OFFER Less than 3 months old, under warranty Comes with router, power adapter, Ethernet cable, QSG & original box PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay Will ship USPS Priority Mail to USA only
  20. sdh91

    Persistent IPv6 Static Routes???

    I am looking for a way to make some IPv6 routes persistent in my router. Thus far I can add the routes via ssh to the route with a command similar to below. route -A inet6 add 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:1000::/68 gw 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:0001::2 dev br0 The only issue I have is after every reboot the...