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  1. J

    Access to PC connected to bridge WiFi

    Hi, I have just completed the following setup: Fiber modem -> Cable -> Asus AC68U -> WiFi 2.4 GHz ->Asus AC66U_B1 -> Cable -> MediaCenter My media center only supports cabled network connections, thus I purchased a 2nd Asus router to act as a media bridge. My problem is now that I can't connect...
  2. SmallNetGuy

    Question regarding AC86U

    Hi you all amazing snbforums members! Thank you all for unselfishly helping everybody, and investing your precious time and free will to assist whenever help is needed. I know it's not much coming from one no-body-person, but I just want you all to know there is a lot of us out there who...
  3. B

    ASUS RT-AC87r strange security problem

    Asus RT-AC87R, firmware version I discovered something very strange. I have an external drive plugged into the USB port on the router. The drive contains photos, songs, movies. I thought, It would be nice to view that stuff remotely over the internet when with family...
  4. Radiant

    [BUG report] AC86U: USB 3 SSD Drive doesn't mount (connected before boot)

    After booting/rebooting AC86U my Orico SSD USB-C Case (JMicron Generic) connected in USB 3.0 mode doesn't mount, only manual reconnection works well. USB 2.0 mode of USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port works well too. Original ASUS ROM works fine with this case in USB 3.0 mode. Help me please! Thank...
  5. F


    Small business. Main network is handled by ISP. We manage our wireless network. We have 3 AC66U. 1 is running in AP Mesh Router mode, 2 are in node mode. The AP Router is statically assigned an IP, subnet, default gateway, and DNS server. We are constantly dropping connection, nodes go offline...
  6. C

    HELP! ASUS RT-AC3200 vs RT-AC5300.

    Ok, here's my dilemma. When I purchased my ASUS tri-band AC3200 Amazon advertised it as having MU-MIMO and a contributor here mentioned that a 3200 does not have MU-MIMO technology (thanks) and after much run around with ASUS I discover no, it does not! Damn.. after a lot of thought I...
  7. B

    WAN Status Always 'Not Connected'

    No matter what I try for WAN sensing - DNS Probe / Ping / Disable - WAN status is always 'disabled'. Is there anything I can try or look at to isolate the isssue?
  8. R

    OpenVPN CPU question

    I have a 50/50 connection, when I use OpenVPN, that changes from 50/50 -> 20/50 I traced the problem to the CPU. For some reason, when it downloads, it only utilizes half of 1 core (I know OpenVPN is an inherently single-cored process). For upload, it uses all the core - which btw results in...
  9. V

    Hui Zhou Gaoshengda Technology Co.,LTD in my Network

    Today I set up a ASUS RT-AC58U router, and added NordVPN to the Modem using OPENVPN (in router settings). I downloaded the app provided by ASUS to monitor my network traffic. I was shocked to see the following company „Hui Zhou Gaoshengda Technology“ as part of my network. I have no idea how did...
  10. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus GT-AC2900

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus GT-AC2900 Review @ My fellow gamers, meet the most stylish router from Asus yet – ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 with Aura lighting. Enjoy Triple-level Game Accelerator, Nvidia GeForce Now, AiMesh and Front-line Network...
  11. M

    Asus wireless schedule disables Internet when active

    Hello guys I have an Asus DSL-AC55U router and I'm very pleased with it but I have a very annoying problem so I hope you will be able to help. I use wireless schedule to disable wifi during the night, from 00:00 till 8:00. The thing is that during those hours my Internet completely disabled...
  12. G

    Asus ax88u Asus ac87u asus ac66u

    hi i have 3 asus linked togheter. but i get a funny IP on one of them but when looking in client list i see it with a ip. why is that? cant figuer it out and did not get any help from asus. i use merlin on all router beside the old ac66u i have tried ax88u is the main unit...
  13. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus PCE-AC58BT

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus PCE-AC58BT Review @ Up to 1.1 Gbps support on 5 GHz wireless. Better than LAN cable! Yes, that’s the performance of Asus PCE-AC58BT AC2100 Dual-Band PCIe 160 MHz Wi-Fi Adapter with Intel Wireless-AC 9260. Comes with...
  14. A

    Trying to get Merlin on my RT-AC87U !?

    Hi all, I hope someone can help, Im new to customising the firmware on routers so I may be missing something simple, I have a RT-AC87U with the latest Asus Firmware, and im trying to put on the latest Merlin Custom firmware...
  15. B

    [RT-AC86u] Not Booting - stuck on WLAN / Power Lights

    After a power failure last night, everything else has come back up except for the RT-AC86u router which is gets stuck on WLAN + Power lights then no further sign of activity. No LAN or WAN lights etc. WLAN is not detected on my phone either. Router is plugged in to a surge protector and...
  16. S

    Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 component level board repair

    Hello, Thanks in advance for your help. I've been using this router since 2016, then as of recently it is no longer receiving power. There are no lights. I've tried 2 power adapters, and tested their voltage; the power adapters are not the issue. The unit had a 2 year warranty, and it's...
  17. T

    What Asus router should I buy

    I currently have an AC3100 that covers about 85% of my house. There are 2 home offices w/ multiple VoIP lines. I have Spectrum highspeed and get 300mbps wired and mid 150's wireless in most areas. However, wireless gets really sketchy in a few areas and only works "sometimes." Most of the...
  18. Ray H

    Help Please RT-AC86U Troubles

    So I have been looking all over these forums looking for an answer to this problem. Nothing I found has worked yet. Here is my issue(s). I have an RT-AC86U flashed with Asus-Merlin 384.10_2. About a week ago it started not letting our devices connect over wifi. It would only allow 3 or 4 to...
  19. H

    RT-AC86U boot loop

    Hello, i have the problem that my RT-AC86U is boot looped. The router reboots automatically every day and sometimes i already had the problem that it didn’t start correctly by itself but a manuell restart fixed it until now. I can’t access the web GUI and i already restored the firmware via...
  20. P

    merlin vpn - killswitch setup on different (not concurrent) VPN client instances

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum. i've recently purchased an Asus RT-AC86U router, and i've flashed the latest release of merlin firmware. i've configured 4 of the 5 client instances with 4 separate VPN servers (first NL, second UK etc), so, if the UK server is slow, i can turn the UK VPN off, and...