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  1. S

    DDOS... It's happening

    About 2 weeks ago a "friend of a friend" joined an xbox party I was in. My friends and I were in game chat (not party chat) and this person started counting down in messages 10,9,8 etc. He got to 1 and the next message said GAME OVER. We all got booted. I came back online and rejoined the party...
  2. rtn66uftw

    [Solved] Slow download speed on AC3100 behind AT&T U-Verse 5268AC modem

    Here is the problem: I have 300 Mbps AT&T fiber connection - If I used AT&T U-Verse 5268AC FXN modem's wireless, I got around 200 Mbps both download and upload (used - If I put the U-Verse into bridge mode (link) and connected from one of its LAN ports to the WAN port...
  3. rtn66uftw

    [Solved] Setup dual routers with one dedicated for VPN

    Happy Wednesday! I currently have an AT&T U-Verse 5268AC FXN modem and two Asus routers RT-AC3100 and AC68U running Merlin's firmware. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the AC3100 as normal and the AC68U as a VPN dedicated router? What would be the best way to have these two setup...
  4. E

    AiMesh along with switch & AT&T router - ethernet backhaul not working

    Hi guys, long time lurker but finally I could not fix something myself and need the help of the collective wisdom here The Setup: I have AT&T fiber (100/100) which is using an AT&T Arris router from the ONT (it is a must as it handshakes with AT&T) and I have 2x RT-AC86U, with one as AP Mesh...
  5. W

    AT&T Uverse best own router setup

    I have recently got the gigapower gigabit service from AT&T. I have an Asus ac87u and I would like to get rid of the AT&T gateway. From what I have read it is impossible. I am curious what the best way to hook up your own router up. Do they use MAC address of the gateway to authenticate to the...
  6. Scooterit

    AT&T Fiber for business let-down

    Here is a fun one.... I need to move a Law firm to a new location. Everything needs to happen over the weekend. So everyone can get to work on Monday morning. We had an At&T Business fiber modem installed last week Monday to make sure the backbone of the iT infrastructure would be in place. It...
  7. maxxreign

    RT-AC68U + iOS + YouTube

    Just a few days ago, YouTube stopped streaming actual video content (channels, thumbnails, etc display OK) to any of my 8 iOS devices via native YT app or via Safari/Chrome. It appears to stop at the pre-roll ad (or initial frame) and the wheel keeps spinning until I get a YT error message...
  8. R

    Fixed Wireless LTE pfSense router

    I will be moving within the next month and a fixed LTE provider will be my best internet option. I will be using at&t since the have numerous towers in my area with multiple band options allowing me the ability to aggregate them. My question pertains to compatibility between three products for...
  9. Neurogenesis

    [AC87] [380.69] No WAN access with IP Passthrough from AT&T NVG599 Gateway

    Topology: I have FTTP with WAN port on the Gateway connected to the box on the side of the house. The AC87 has LAN 3 attached to the LAN 3 port on the Gateway. Background: I initially had the network setup according to the instructions here...
  10. A

    Open vpn server based on 3100 ASUS merlin router behind AT&T fiber u verse gateway

    Greetings SNB community, Having difficulty setting up open vpn off 3100 ASUS merlin router behind AT&T fiber u verse gateway. (router is not using wireless but wired into the gateway) Previously was using Comcast and set open vpn server off asus 3100 without any issues so could have secure...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    AT&T Announces DIRECTV NOW, Fullscreen and FreeVIEW Streaming Services

    16+ months since its $48.5 billion purchase of DIRECTV, AT&T announced three new streaming services – DIRECTV NOW, Fullscreen, and FreeVIEW - targeting households that have cut the cord. For AT&T customers, DIRECTV NOW and Fullscreen will be app-based “data free” offerings that won’t consume...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    AT&T’s Project AirGig To Deliver Low-Cost Wireless Internet Services Through Powerlines

    AirGig is an AT&T project designed to transmit multi-gigabit wireless internet using urban, rural and underserved locations’ powerlines. Unlike previous internet-over-powerline efforts, AT&T's method uses "medium voltage" powerlines as waveguides for the millimeter wave RF signals (>30 GHz) that...
  13. wallaby32

    Quick question about RT N66U and At&t Gigapower

    I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find any answers that completely satisfied me. So, technician appointment on Monday (aug 29th) to bring a new At&t modem and register it for the new Gigapower service in my area. (1 gbps down/up) This is all I am saying about the modem since it...