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  1. Q

    Weird issue with an GT-AX6000 when maxing out ISP provided speeds.

    Hello all. I recently retired a TP-link c7 1750 that i had put open wrt on it. I started having radio shutdowns, its an old router so i decided to search for something new. After reading and watching reviews, i decided to get the ASUS GT-AX6000. I've noticed that when i max out my ISP download...
  2. A

    ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 OpenVPN performance, seems too slow

    Hey everyone :) Last week I was able to pick up a Rapture AX6000 for a very good price, to replace my trusty AC66U B1. I am very happy with the router, wired and wireless is great, however I can't figure out why my VPN speeds seem not up to par. From what I've been able to gather on the forum...
  3. n9nu

    FS: TP-Link Archer AX6000 (new) V2. 6

    Hi I have a new TP-Link Archer AX6000 AIO WiFi router. I purchased it via Amazon using credit card points however I recently upgraded my Inet service to a symmetrical 5Gbit FTTH service and decided to use one of my Linux box's with Zentynal or ClearOS to handle all routing, gateway, firewall...
  4. H

    ax86u vs ax88u Pro vs GT-ax6000 vs GT-ax11000

    Since my ISP is providing 1.6Gbps/950Mbps I'm looking into replacing my ax88u with a router that has a 2.5G WAN port. My actual setup is ISP -> AX88U -> aimesh -> AX88U From the following models: ax86u vs ax88u Pro vs GT-ax6000 vs GT-ax11000 What would be the recommended one? Before this...
  5. roboroberto

    gt-ax6000 poor smb performance

    i can get only 60-63 MB/s via wifi (file source is a nas attached over cable to the router) what should be the optimal settings for the router? in professional i can't even see the 1024 qam option, even the modulation scheme is unavailable for the 5ghz frequence i have separate ssid for 2.4...
  6. C

    ROG GT-AX6000 (UK Black Friday Price)

    Hi, Is the ROG Rapture Gaming Router WIFI6 GT-AX6000 still king? Looking to replace my AC88U. Getting a little slow and I've treated myself to some WiFi 6 enabled devices lately. I noticed it's on sale @ Very in the UK for £269.99 (Save £70) from £339.99. It's not dropped for many retailers...
  7. A

    ASUS GT-AX6000 IPTV question

    I currently have ISP router and would like to replace it with AX6000. I tested with Asus N66U with the following settings (LAN->IPTV page) Select ISP Profile: None Choose IPTV STB Port: LAN4 Special Applications Use DHCP routes: Disable Enable multicast routing: Enable Enable efficient...
  8. U

    Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 and Merlin firmware

    Hi folks, hi Merlin :) I am upgrading to GT-Ax6000 from AX89X for two main reasons: 1) Lack of VPN tunnels per client and 2) No Merlin firmware support because of Qualcomm chipsets. Is it fair to assume that Merlin will be happy to support this router at certain point, like Ax11000 and...
  9. A

    is the Asus RT-AX88U right for me?

    Hi all, I'm pretty techy but routers are a bit out of my league. I generally just do the basic set up on them and leave them be. I currently have an RT-AC68U that has been rock solid the past 4+ years however yesterday the 2.4ghz band completely died on me and I cant get it to activate any...
  10. M

    Does BCM43684(or Archer AX6000) support OFDMA on 2.4GHz band?

    I want to buy a router that support 802.11ax / OFDMA on 2.4+5GHz UL+DL / Beam Forming / Band Stirring / HE+VHT 160MHz / >2.5G Ethernet WAN / DLNA, SAMBA service on >USB3.0 port. I'm interested by Tp-link Archer AX6000 because it's quite cheap right now in my country, and I know it support UL/DL...
  11. R0tten

    Archer AX6000 vs R8000p x6s

    Hi all. I narrowed my choices down to 2 routers that I am interested in. Apart from the marketing, there are a lot of features I find interest in for these. I understand that the archer ax6000 is dual band and the r8000p is tri band? If so, is the x6s tri band router better than the archer...