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  1. M

    Best Mesh Router with Pi Hole very old (thick walls) and multi floor apartment

    Hi, I have a bidirectional 1 Gbit fiber connection and the current router doesn't even cover half of the apartment, because it's a very old building with very thick walls. I decided to purchase a mesh network, I looked at the Asus XT8, I also looked at the Orbi RBK53 (I know one is Wifi 6 the...
  2. T

    Dual Wan-1 ISP, 2 Lan lines into Wan & Wan/Lan

    Does this setup actually help? I'm running one gig fiber line into modem. Then two Lan lines into an rt-ac88u one Wan and the other Lan as the dedicated dual wan port. I did some custom routing and other testing, things seem quicker, but I'm not sure if there's any actual real world load...
  3. ChappyEight

    What Am I Looking At? (New, to Me, Home On-Q Box)

    I moved into my current home roughly two years ago. In that time, I've begun creating my network (primarily Unifi products). I'm not ready to tackle the more difficult jobs of moving all the existing Cat5e cables away from the installed On-Q box and over to my Unifi switch. Secondarily, I...
  4. J

    Orange FTTH vs ipv6

    Hello, I know you dont want to introduce full vlan support for good reasons. In Poland we have Orange FTTH service being probably the most popular fiber provider. I managed to get Funbox 3.0 (router with built in ONT) with separate ONT (so i can replace Funbox 3.0 with my RT-AC88U FW 384.15)...
  5. L

    Fiber IPTV settings on N66U without ISP router

    Hi everyone, just wondering how I might setup my Merlin N66U for TV (currently I have it running ONT>N66U with PPPoE no TV yet)? Here is the ISP router WAN setup for TV (VLAN6) and internet (VLAN4): Here are my current settings for Merlin-N66U (internet works perfect): Would all I have...
  6. 10gig

    Fiber patch panels and switches

    Hi all – Is fiber typically run through a patch panel and switch before hitting the router, like Cat 6? If so, how does the patch panel work? I can't tell from pictures I see on the web. I assume there's no equivalent to punching down wires as with twisted pair. Is a fiber patch panel just a...
  7. n944la

    WTB: Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000) & Gbit managed switch

    If anyone has a NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000) for sale, I am looking for one. PM or email for additional. Additionally I need a MANAGED multi-port gigabit switch. POE NOT needed. Fiber a plus. Eight (8) ports minimum. Quality brand only. Tnx Tim ARS N9NU
  8. S

    EdgeRouter Pro setup question

    Hello SNB - tomorrow, I’m replacing my RT-AC3200 with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P and UAP-AC-PRO access point, and need advice on setup/config. Here’s what I’ve been working with: -Single story house, 3,000 sq ft, lathe and plaster construction -ISP: AT&T Fiber symmetrical gigabit -ONT feeds an...
  9. W

    AT&T Uverse best own router setup

    I have recently got the gigapower gigabit service from AT&T. I have an Asus ac87u and I would like to get rid of the AT&T gateway. From what I have read it is impossible. I am curious what the best way to hook up your own router up. Do they use MAC address of the gateway to authenticate to the...
  10. Scooterit

    AT&T Fiber for business let-down

    Here is a fun one.... I need to move a Law firm to a new location. Everything needs to happen over the weekend. So everyone can get to work on Monday morning. We had an At&T Business fiber modem installed last week Monday to make sure the backbone of the iT infrastructure would be in place. It...
  11. B

    In need of a new router for 1gb fiber

    Hello, I'll be getting fiber soon. The company has said the provide a modem, but not a router. I don't know a whole lot about routers, so I wasn't quite sure what I should buy. I live in a small home and will be gaming on a wired connection. I was considering the ASUS RT-AC86U or RT-AC88U (this...
  12. B

    Backbone - fiber or UTP

    Hello All, Our small company is expanding, maybe i should start visiting more often ;) We will be expanding in to the building next-door and of course our network also has to be expanded into the new building. I am thinking about having one (or two) backbone cables...
  13. MeatSection

    BGW-210 with route behind Static IPS

    Let me first say I appreciate everyone's input from the beginning and yes I have searched and spent time on the horn with ATT. I get a different answer and result from nearly everyone I know of. I am trying to setup BGW-210 -> Asus RT66U -> Manage Switch -> Servers (w/static IP block) I do...
  14. TanyaC

    Copying file from A-->B kills internet and network but B-->A is fine

    Some time ago I had a problem with my Windows server 2012 R2 downloads failing. My ISP of course blamed my equipment. I had an ASUS RT-AC878U. So I replaced it with an RT-AC88U. That didn't fix the issue. It turned out to be a dodgy port on my Fibre Terminating Device ("NTD"). When I purchased...
  15. Neurogenesis

    [AC87] [380.69] No WAN access with IP Passthrough from AT&T NVG599 Gateway

    Topology: I have FTTP with WAN port on the Gateway connected to the box on the side of the house. The AC87 has LAN 3 attached to the LAN 3 port on the Gateway. Background: I initially had the network setup according to the instructions here...
  16. O

    Replacing FTTH gateway with media converter

    Hi all, I want to replace the FTTH gateway provided by my ISP with a fiber to copper media converter since the gateway doesn't support bridge mode and I'm getting tired of having to deal with this box. The ISP does offer a different (older) gateway that supports bridge mode but they want me to...
  17. T

    Best option for CenturyLink Gigabit fiber

    So, I have been trying for the last couple of months to come up with an optimal solution for improving my CenturyLink Gigabit fiber. I have the CL ZyXel C1100Z. Terribly slow interface, but accelerates PPPoE well and if all I was doing was browsing the web, this might be good along with a...
  18. N

    Best router for a symmetric Gigabit connection

    Hi there! I'm currently using an Asus AC68U for my symmetric gigabit connection and—whilst I'm certainly not complaining—it seems to take around 300mbps off my connection speed (both wired and AC wireless), presumably due to limitations in the CPU/RAM. Does anyone have any go-to recommendations...
  19. wallaby32

    Quick question about RT N66U and At&t Gigapower

    I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find any answers that completely satisfied me. So, technician appointment on Monday (aug 29th) to bring a new At&t modem and register it for the new Gigapower service in my area. (1 gbps down/up) This is all I am saying about the modem since it...
  20. Mastran

    Urgent Help with Fiber Optic/Ethernet CCTV LAN

    Hello, this is my first post in this amazing forum (i didn´t find the "Newbies say Hi" section), and as usual, i come with questions i hope somebody can answer. So after being unemployed for 2 years, i´ve landed a miracle job doing Cabling and LAN deployment in a Small Company, basically they...