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  1. neuro

    Problems with wifi6

    I have an gt-axe16000 router but Wi-Fi 6 does not appear on my iPhone 15 Pro, and I changed the 160MHz configuration and nothing. I also factory reset the router but I have had no results. I checked the specifications and it says that the iPhone supports Wi-Fi 6, however. I can't see the network...
  2. K

    WPS connection issues to IoT device with GT-AXE16000 GT-AXE11000

    I have old, now unsupported RT-AC66U unit with WPS function, running the last v380.70 firmware. I have few Mitsubishi Electric MAC-557IF-E IoT access devices, supporting only WPS-PUSH and WPS-PIN connection methods on b/g/n 2.4Ghz 13 channels, WPA2-AES. I have used WPS-PUSH method to pair these...
  3. J

    Dual GT-AXE16000 Routers in AiMesh Configuration extremely unstable

    Hi, I have two GT-AXE16000 routers. One primary, and one that I was trying to use as an AiMesh node. The problem I'm getting is that the node constantly resyncs and restarts wireless (as seen in its log), with only a few seconds of actual uptime in between each resync. This results in an...
  4. crospa91

    GT-AXE16000 - Best Wifi 6/6e Settings

    Hi everyone. I know it might be a silly question but it's 3 days that I am banging my head around this but I can't find the solution. I do have a Fibre Optic Package with 3Gb connection. Wired, everything works smooth as butter, no problem whatsoever. Wi-Fi is where all the issues are. The...
  5. I

    GT-AX11000 - 2.5G WAN - not 2.5G at all!

    I have a 2.5Gb Fiber, and last year I connected the GT-AX11000 to a 2.5GB ONT via the 2.5G WAN port. For a few initial months the download internet speed never went over ~950Mbs, then out-of-the-blue last Nov the speed suddenly jumped to 1.4Gbs. I was happy... until one day in February when just...
  6. C

    Question on Logs on GT-AXE 1600

    On the GT-AXE 16000 when the log file reaches a certain amout of Bytes does it reset itself? I can set log level to make the entries not be logged but I preferr to see whats going on In the matter of hours I have a ton of entries, the 12 byes missing ones as well as the wclevent disconnecting...
  7. C

    Nord Lynix on GT-AXE16000

    Is there any way to get NordLynix on the GT-AXE16000? Nord VPN does not support wireguard config files. Their answer to wireguard is NordLynix. Its pretty quict using the app on my laptop but I want to install this on the Router side. I see no config files for this anywhere. Is it possible? CC
  8. C

    Kernel: netlink: 12 bytes leftover after parsing attributes in process `ip'. NEW FIRMWARE GT-AXE16000

    Out of nowhere and the first time I have seen this the following in the log on my GT-AXE16000 router: Kernel: netlink: 12 bytes leftover after parsing attributes in process `ip'. Can ayone shed some light on this. How would I fix this issue? This is on the just released new firmware. CC
  9. C

    Upgrade Poll GT-AXE11000 to GT-AXE16000

    1 GB ISP 55 devices connected with static IP's 4K streaming 2-3 TVs at same time - Main TV's hard wired 4 Cameras multiple Apple devices - 5 homepods - 2 ipads - 2 macbooks No NAS No 6E devices yet I currently have the GT-AXE11000 and looking to upgrade to the GT-AXE16000. I have until...
  10. C

    GT-AXE16000 and bufferbloat

    I currently have the GT-AXE11000 and the bufferbloat gets no better than a C rating. I was wondering if people who own the GT-AXE-16000 have better score than me? I am thinking of upgrading to the 16000. Test here: I thought I read somewhere that...
  11. S

    Asuswrt 388.1 has serious bugs on Asus AXE16000

    @RMerlin I wanted to report that for the AXE16000 the firmwares do not work as intended. There seems to be a conflict between the 6ghz and 2,4ghz part, they look like entangled to eachother. when I disable 6ghz, then 2,4ghz is not working correctly and vice versa. I also noticed that the 2,4...
  12. Bandito

    ASUS GT-AXE16000 Has Become Very Unstable

    I have been having all kinds of difficulties with my GT-AXE16000 setup as of late. When I first got two of these and set them up in an AI mesh configuration all was well and they worked flawlessly giving me the fastest WiFi speeds that I have ever had in my home. I was very happy with them...
  13. M

    I have two Zenwifi ET12’s and want to expand in a large house — do I buy more E12s or a router like the GT-AXE16000?

    As the title says, I'm at a crossroads with how to expand my mesh network. I started with two ET12's. Would I get more coverage with more ET12's or with a router like the GT-AXE16000? The house is three story and 4,000 SF. There's also a barn in the distance I need to reach. Thanks for your help!
  14. S

    Lower bandwidth when using GT-AXE16000 with CenturyLink Fiber

    Hello! I have CenturyLink gigabit fiber. When using the provided modem/router unit (C4000XG), I get the proper bandwidth (symmetrical 940mb/s). However, when I remove the C4000XG and use my Asus GT-AXE16000 as the modem/router, I do not get the full bandwidth (wired and wireless). Asus...
  15. C

    BUG in Smart Connect Rule page - 386.8 GT-AXE16000

    Hello, I have enabled Smart Connect but only for the two 5Ghz bands. When opening the Smart Connect Rule page, the last section named "Interface Select and Quality Procedures" is empty and I immediately get a JS error in the console (without doing any action): When trying to change some...
  16. TheRealMoleman

    GT-AXE16000 ASUS-WRT Merlin firmware?

    Any chance we’re going to see the Merlin firmware released for this bad boy? I like the stock ASUS firmware but would really like to go back to using the ASUS-WRT Merlin firmware.
  17. S

    ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 Router for Sale I already purchased one